I have a question that's not answered here.
How can I contact you?

Before you send me a message, please read this entire FAQ. If you ask a question that is already available here, you probably won't get a response.

If your question really is one of the unanswered ones contact me here or send me an email at .

Foxes and Shotguns is marked as beta, what does it means?

It means the game is still in development, it’s improving and new features are coming. It also means there are bugs and that you should report them.

Why have you released your game as a beta?

I’m glad you asked. Rather than building this game alone in a cave, I wanted to release the game as soon as possible in order to improve it based on your feedback.

What do I get when I buy the beta?

You immediately get my thanks along with the all current weapons and items for the price of a coffee. You will also get all the future content as soon as released.

But more importantly you support the development of the game.

What’s coming next?

Foxes and Shotguns is an HTML5 game, better mobile support as well as offline support is coming soon. Ultimately you will just have to visit beta.foxesandshotguns.com on your mobile device to take the game where you want to.

Improvements to current items and weapons are on the way as well as new enemies and new levels.

Improvements and new features are shipping at least weekly.

You can follow the development of the game on its Google plus page.

Does it work on mobile?

Foxes and Shotguns should run well on a beefy android device as long as your browser supports WebGL.

The game plays well on nexus4, nexus10 and even on nexus7 first gen depending of the browser.
If you have tested on other devices, send me a message, I’d like to know how it runs!

I found a bug!

OMG!! You should report it over here.

I found a typo in the FAQ or in the game.

I’m impressed by your keen sense of observation my friend!
I suggest you to fill the feedback form. English not being my primary language, help is appreciated.

I'd like to write about Foxes and Shotguns.

That's great, check the press page.